Tuesday, March 16, 2010

London bound (aka Kate Hyper)

Current work: Awards lunch in London, yippee
Listening to: Not on the train, because I like sitting in the quiet carriage
Reading: might have to do eeny-meeny to help me choose

Off to the RNA awards lunch today and REALLY looking forward to it. It’s going to be so nice seeing my lovely editor with a clean conscience (OK, so she would’ve forgiven me for being late, but I wanted to be in super-shiny halo mode), and my wonderful agent, and meeting up with friends I haven’t seen for ages, and cheering on my mates for the awards (they’re all winners because it’s the shortlisting that counts). And pudding. I’m going to have pudding AND wine AND proper caffeinated coffee today. (I will be good for the rest of the w– actually, no, I won’t, as I’m out to lunch again on Thursday. OK. I’ll be good for some of the week.)

The taxi’s booked and my bag is packed (with shoes to change into that will not be good for walking round London; current outline I want to sort out on the train plus pen and notepad; and in about 30 seconds, a book to read on way home). I have my lunch invite, train ticket, camera, money and phone in my handbag – oh, and my lippie and spare batteries in case my hearing aid decides to conk out on me. M&B 25th pin in place on jacket (well, hey, I earned that – oh, I’m on #45 now, or I will be tomorrow) and Pandora bracelet on wrist, ready to be bad influence on Fiona Harper and Nina Harrington and Jan Jones...

Yep, that’s me ready.

Just need to kiss DH and the kids goodbye, wait for the taxi, and pick up a latte at the station.

Have a lovely day. I will be back tomorrow with pictures and a report.

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Lacey Devlin said...

Take me with you!!