Friday, March 05, 2010

Publication Day: The Doctor's Lost-and-Found Bride

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Today is officially publication day for The Doctor’s Lost-and-Found Bride. I love reunion stories, and I thoroughly enjoyed writing this one. You know I like big, noisy, loving, Italian families? This time it’s the heroine’s family (the hero’s, needless to say, is the complete opposite). And the reason they split up in the first place… well, you’ll need tissues, because it’s one of my weepies.

But there are also some fun bits. Like when Max entices Marina into a boat on the Thames. Now, you know my propensity for being a Method writer, in that I occasionally try out some of my ideas in real life… You can indeed take a trip from Westminster to Greenwich by boat. And it gets a bit windy. And you know the ‘I’m flying, Jack’ scene from Titanic? Cough. All I will say is that in real life, there was a trip to Greenwich to see the Tutankhamun exhibition with DH, the kids and my best friend, and as it was my birthday treat and I was a bit excited about seeing Tut again for the first time in decades, I was behaving like a kid. And I had this lightbulb that just had to be tried out… All I’m saying is that we laughed a lot, that day. And I’m very lucky that my nearest and dearest are used to me being slightly eccentric. (Actually, they encourage me.)

Busy weekend lined up: my stepmum has a milestone birthday next week, so I have something nice planned for her for tomorrow (and, as I know she’s not on the net and won’t read this, I can say that I’m going to pick up her cake this morning). Sadly, Dad won’t be able to join us, but I have plans for a celebration with him on Tuesday next week. And on Sunday I’m doing the last of the Essex castles pics, with an expanded research team: yup, great excuse to meet up with bestest aunt and uncle at Hadleigh.

And, in the meantime, have a book to write. The deadline’s a bit tight on this one, but that’s my fault for not being able to settle to a new book until the previous one’s put to bed. As the previous one had two lots of revisions because I didn’t get it right, that’s had a knock-on effect. I’ve had the ‘so how’s it going’ email from my ed this week: which means BVFOCHOK (bottom very firmly on chair, hands on keyboard). I’m writing in dirty draft right now – which is enormous fun and I will do a craft post on dirty drafts when the book is done.

Until then, have a lovely weekend!


Jan Jones said...

Good luck with new book, Kate - and happy publication day for this one!

Nell Dixon said...

Happy Publication day!

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - thank you! (Getting there...)

Kate Hardy said...

Nell - thank you (and I love your new cover, btw).

Caroline Storer said...

Congrats Kate - Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy publication day and good luck with the new book! I can't wait to hear all about your dirty drafts :)