Wednesday, March 31, 2010

lovely review - The Doctor's Lost-and-Found Bride

Current work: Revisions
Listening to: Muse, Radiohead and Josh Groban (aka playlist for current book)
Reading: Shirley Wells, Where Petals Fall (#3 in her fantastic Jill and Max series – she’s set up some fabulous red herrings and I haven’t worked out who’s the killer or why – plus Max gets more and more attractive with every book, and Jill’s the sort you’d want to be mates with and sit in her kitchen drinking coffee and eating cake)

Had a lovely review for The Doctor’s Lost and Found Bride from Cataromance. You can read the full review here, but this is how Julie sums it up:

Kate Hardy infuses her wonderful romances with so much heart, sensitivity and emotion that readers cannot help but be held in thrall from the very first page to the last and The Doctor’s Lost and Found Bride is certainly no exception! A poignant and heart-wrenching tear jerker that’s tender, profound and intense, The Doctor’s Lost and Found Bride is emotional storytelling at its finest and readers shall certainly not want to miss adding this first class tale of second chances and painful choices to their keeper shelf – next to Kate Hardy’s other irresistible and unforgettable stories!

Believable, passionate and wonderfully romantic, The Doctor’s Lost and Found Bride is the latest brilliant book from the simply outstanding pen of Kate Hardy!

Thank you, Julie Bonello, for making my day.

Yesterday – well, I was late for guitar and in bimbo mode because I forgot my book and my footstool. Duh! Jim just cracked up and gave me a gentle lesson rather than a hard time; he wrote stuff down and got me to sight-read. Actually, we had a Small Faces fest, and it was great fun. (I must confess, though, that I prefer Lou Gramm’s version of ‘Tin Soldier’.) And the afternoon was as I expected; let’s just say that the Maltesers bunny did its job, and that was 157 calories of very hard work. That, and thinking that in exactly a week's time I will be wandering round narrow calle, having a wonderful time.

Plan for today: focus very hard on cracking revisions. (Hopefully sans interruptions…)


Jan Jones said...

Luck, Kate!

Shirley Wells said...

Oh my goodness, I'm blushing here. :o) Thank you so much. (And I quite fancy Max myself...)

A fab review for The Doctor's Lost and Found Bride - thoroughly deserved. A brilliant book - I loved every word!

So glad the Maltesers bunny did its job. They should be on prescription.

Caroline Storer said...

Great review Kate. Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - thanks. I think I'm winning... :)

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - it was a fab read. (And I agree with you about the bunnies!)

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - thanks :)