Thursday, October 29, 2009


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London was fab but tiring! (I did 19k steps on Tuesday and 13k on Wednesday.)

We had dinner before the theatre at Adam's Rib; wish I’d had the camera out when Madam’s meal arrived because she was so pleased with it. The look on her face made the fact that I’m now behind on my deadline completely worthwhile.

And her little face when we emerged at Piccadilly Circus and all the lights were everywhere – normally, we’re on the train home by that time of night, so she was stunned by it all.

Grease was great - the choreography was fantastic, especially Cha-Cha’s dancing (the high kicks were unbelievably high). Travolta and Newton-John are a v hard act to follow, but Ray Quinn and Emma Stephens did a good job. I did feel though that the actors playing Doody and Rizzo had better voices – for me, Natalie Langston (Rizzo) was the standout in the show. The special effects were good (the car was great – banger one side and sparkly the other) and the staging transitions were very smooth.

The one thing that did surprise me was how quiet the audience was. Maybe it’s because I’m from the provinces rather than a sophisticated West End theatregoer, or maybe I’m just a groundling at heart, but at a musical I’m used to audiences clapping and singing along to their favourites, maybe dancing in their seats (especially to some of the numbers in this show - ‘We Go Together’ in particular). But the audience was so quiet, it felt a bit embarrassing to clap (even when you were being encouraged to do so). Madam said she sang along in her head, bless.

On Wednesday, we went to the Natural History Museum. There was an ENORMOUS queue to get in, so we stayed in the Earth Sciences side rather than join another huge queue to see the dinosaurs. Which of course meant going up this escalator to the volcanic section...

Some of the gem specimens were gorgeous. (This is zoisite.)

Then home to two surprises from my RLH. I really wasn’t expecting flowers when he met us from the train. Or that he’d have done the job I’ve been putting off for too long (cleaning the oven, since you ask). What a star. :o)


Caroline Storer said...

Glad you and DD had a great time! Yes very unusual not to be dancing and clapping along - esp. something as great as Grease. I've been to a couple of West End shows many years ago and by the end of the evening everyone was 'a singin' and a dancin' in the aisles. What a boring lot. May be they were waiting for someone to make the first move... Take care. Caroline x
(p.s thanks for the cyber hugs!)

Shirley Wells said...

What a fab time you both had and thanks for sharing those lovely pics. The batteries will have been nicely recharged so no worries about deadlines.

As for RLH, a true gem. Flowers, yes, but I've never yet met any man who can/will clean an oven. :o)

Donna Alward said...

So glad you had a great time! And your pics made me long for London just a little bit...

Nicola Marsh said...

Sounds like a lovely time out.

And your hubby is definitely a star for that effort!!!

Lacey Devlin said...

Sooooo jealous! Lovely pics though, so at least I can pretend I was there :D