Wednesday, October 14, 2009

and another fabulous review

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And this is what the Pink Heart Society had to say about my Northern Lights fantasy. (Note, it scores very highly in their weepy factor, for a good reason…)

Two scarred souls find romance under the breathtaking Northern Lights in the latest romance by best-selling author Kate Hardy: Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress.

Lydia Sheridan has finally decided to stop pleasing other people and to start pleasing herself. A passionate artist, she's always repressed her desire to be a painter because of her parents' insistence that she go to university and study economics before qualifying as a lawyer. But Lydia has finally had it. She cannot bear to spend another minute working in a stuffy office so she decides to quit her job at Andersen's. But her boss, Jake, is not going to let her slip through his fingers...

Jake has had his eye on Lydia for quite some time and he's determined to get to know the real person behind the capable professional. When he needs a lawyer to accompany him on a trip to Norway, Jake asks Lydia to go with him, and although her every instinct is telling her to quit her job once and for all, she cannot help but be drawn to her handsome Norwegian boss...

As fate throws them together, their attraction begins to simmer and Jake and Lydia soon give into temptation and begin a seven-day affair. But as the seventh day approaches, they soon begin to wish that their seven days could turn into a lifetime!

When you pick up a novel by Kate Hardy, you know that you're going to get an emotional and dramatic tale full of warmth, charm and heart and Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress is no exception. Poignant, moving and wonderfully romantic, Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress is just the thing to brighten up the cold autumn nights!


Thank you, PHS. I'm delighted. (And I might have to change my strapline. Here am I, kidding everyone that my books are all about drama, passion and danger. They're not. It's warmth, charm and heart, mixed up with a bit of heat...)


Caroline Storer said...

Hi Kate. Congrats on your fab review! Well deserved! Take care. Caroline x

Jan Jones said...

What a fab review!

And having read the book, I can thoroughly endorse it. :)

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - thanks very much :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - thanks, hon - glad you enjoyed it.