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Whoops, where did the week go? Oh, yeah. On my deadline. Sorry for going AWOL and worrying people (and thanks to those who sent me an email asking if all was OK). Am very relieved to report that it wasn’t a crisis. I was just a bit caught up in my deadline. The problem with writing The Norfolk Miscellany is that it’s one of these books that takes you off at tangents. (It does what it says on the tin. Lots of facts on lots of subjects.) And the readthrough was even tougher, because I’d come across something and think, Hmm, now I really should check this out – and this – and this… And, two hours later, I would realise that I was starving because I’d forgotten about lunch, and the dog was looking immensely fed up because he was expecting either a walk or a bit of my lunch, and I wasn’t paying attention.

But it is done, printed (which seemed to take all evening), copied to CD-rom along with the jpegs, and I will be posting it to my editor later today. Yes, I know this is the age of technology. But jpegs – of the size you need for book publishing as opposed to low-res thumbnails used on the internet – are better sent on disk. Plus my publisher likes a hard copy.

As well as that, I did check out Barack Obama’s inauguration with the kids, the other day (and best of luck to the man – he has one hell of a job before him); and… what day is it? Friday. Hmm. Thursday, made cups of tea for lovely carpenter and my kitchen is fixed, so I’m a happy bunny.

Plans for today: visit Dad (we agreed to change from Wednesday as it was so icy – and it’s just not worth taking the risk on ungritted, single track roads), then crack on with my Norway book. Am concentrating on fiction for the next fortnight.

Oh, yes. I promised my review. Lovely Julie Bonello from Cataromance has been as sweet as always, and put a smile on my face. (Thank you, Julie.)

Warm-hearted, satisfying and hugely appealing, The Greek Doctor’s New Year Baby is another wonderful Medical romance from award-winning author Kate Hardy!…romantic storytelling at its best! Poignant, enjoyable and absolutely terrific.

You can read the full review here.

I’m also appearing on Maggie Secker’s show on BBC Radio Norfolk on Sunday – I’m her first guest, so I’ll be there just after 3. You can listen online here (click on the ‘listen live’ bit) or tune in to 95.1, 95.6 & 104.4 FM, and DAB Digital Radio.

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