Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Current work: Modern Heat
Listening to: Dire Straits, Love Over Gold
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Not my deadline (though that is, too). Told son to stop looming over me in the kitchen, as he has this nasty habit of rising up on tiptoe. ‘Put your feet FLAT on the floor, son.’ He just grinned. ‘Mum, they already are.’ Checked. He wasn’t teasing. Oh. This means he’s my height. Already. Madam then made me admit that I am the shortest of my generation in the family. I have to say, I think it’s grossly unfair that I inherited the family roundness gene but not the height gene. I would love to be tall and slender (with long dark hair and blue eyes, like daughter). Could live with being tall and round. Could put up with being short and petite. But no. I get the short straw (and the round one, too).

Beautiful school run this morning – the sun was huge, and as it rose so did the mist. Camera battery was on charge so I couldn't pull over by the river and take a pic. Son was begging for Hendrix, this morning (he’s just discovered the CD – bless), but I wasn’t in the mood, so he had to sit through Telegraph Road instead (do not think son appreciates Knopfler). Love Over Gold must’ve been one of my first CDs after DH and I bought our first CD player; I was amused to see that the sleeve talked about new technology. Er, no, this was late Eighties, though the album itself was 1982… when I was doing my O levels. How time passes.

Found my first grey hair this morning, so am feeling a bit reflective. It’s the whole ‘ubi sunt’ thing. (There was class on that motif that I really wanted to take in my Finals year, but not enough people signed up for it so it was cancelled. I have a nasty feeling I might’ve been the only one…) Shouldn’t bother me really, as most of my friends my age have either had grey hair for ages or colour it anyway. But it’s one of those moments when you realise how short life is. And that realisation leads me to think it’s worth living to the full. Recession or no recession.

Plan for today: walk dog (actually, he’s asleep right now, and completely ignored me when I said ‘walkies’, so make that ‘work’ instead), guitar lesson, work.


Michelle Styles said...

Yes, the feeling short moment. My lot are all taller than me. They tend to rub it in.

Grey hair is fine. Just think of all the living you had to do to get it...And with your lovely colour, I suspect you will go grey beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Dire Straits - oh yes, I remember that well. I think 'Telegraph Road' was played on repeat so many times we learnt the lyrics.

Hugs on tall offspring - but they will look elegant and make you proud :-)
Have just heard about the Californian who has given birth to 8 babies. 6 boys. 2 girls.
Can you imagine... no. me neither.

As for grey hair - some ladies look wonderful. Shame I am not one of them. LOL Happy writing.

Liz Fielding said...

I was thirty when I spotted my first grey hair. We all go white early in our family. I fought it for a while, then tried blonde, but honestly, who has the time :)

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle - the feeling short AND feeling old moment :o)

Thank you for the compliment.

Kate Hardy said...

Ray-Anne - sucha fab song, isn't it?

They do indeed look elegant - remind me to show you the latest pics at the RNA lunch. (Daughter has long dark hair and blue eyes - just how I always wanted to look...)

EIGHT BABIES? Scary. Not sure which is scariest: the thought of feeds/severe sleep deprivation/nappies/washing, or the thought of them as teenagers...

Hope your book is going OK too :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Liz, you look fabulously elegant.

I think it only caught me on the raw as I have my mum's hair and skin colouring, and she didn't have any grey hairs. However, am now almost two years older than she was when she died, so... It's another of those rites of passage things.