Monday, January 12, 2009

On being deaf… and an unexpected visitor

Current work: Norway book and nonfic
Listening to: Dire Straits (Sultans of Swing)
Reading: Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife: Michelle Styles (loved this – and not just because of the dedication page ;o) – we have a really damaged, Rochester-like hero; a down to earth yet proud heroine (Phoebe was just brilliantly drawn – and I loved the way she dealt with some of the nasty, gossipy secondaries and the way she forced Simon to see the truth about the nurse); a good plot – and some great stuff about the coal mines. One of the things I like about Michelle’s books is that I always learn something from them)

I’m blogging over at the Medical Romance Authors’ site today about how much of me there is in my current Medical duo. It’s a kind of continuation from my last post, but this time talking more about the difference sound makes to my world. Oh, and there’s a book up for grabs there, too (not the same as the one that’s up for grabs here).

Edit (09.15): got home from school and was making myself a coffee while tidying the kitchen and waiting for the floor people when I noticed a new visitor to the bird feeder.

Rara avis?

Er. No. Sciurus carolinensis.

So much for poles being squirrel-proof. He loped up it and sat there quite happily, even when I knocked on the window. Again, this is a zoom shot through glass, so it’s not good, but I am going to lift my game photograph-wise this year. And one good thing: at least now I know what I saw dropping from the bird-table last month, so my MR Jameseian thoughts can be put to bed…


Michelle Styles said...

LOL on your visitor.
My mother who has similar problems vaselines the pole and then they can't grip on...but they are very intelligent.

Jan Jones said...

I am SO not going to mention the I-told-you-so phrase here.

Kate Hardy said...

Michelle - I might just try that trick...

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - LOL. You're thinking it. (And I knew you were going to say it even as I posted that pic!)