Tuesday, January 13, 2009

on fictional worlds, plus news of the RNA shortlist

Current work: Norway book and nonfic
Listening to: Sibelius
Reading: Taken for Revenge, Bedded for Pleasure: India Grey (great read – loved the ‘fish out of water’ angle, and she handled it really well. Also loved the art background. Great characterisation – and her writing’s gone up a gear.)

In keeping with my new year’s resolution, I did some loafing this weekend. Went to the cinema with DH and the kids on Saturday to see Inkheart, and it was BRILLIANT. I could listen to Brendan Fraser read all day (he has a lovely voice), and I thought that Andy Serkis and Paul Bettany also played their parts really well. And Eliza Bennett did a fantastic job as Meggie. My littlest really identified with her character. Afterwards, in the restaurant, we dissected the film; even DH (who can sometimes be a little hard to please) enjoyed it.

Daughter: ‘The thing about a REALLY good book is that you do go into another world.’ (I think she might’ve worked that out for herself, though she may also have heard me say it.) ‘And the characters do leap off the page.’ (She named her favourite authors as examples.)

Then she looked at me. ‘So when you’re writing… is it like being in a different world?’ Yup. That’s why I get cross when I’m interrupted for something that isn’t urgent. Like sibling squabbles. ‘Hmm.’ Looked at me again. ‘I’d like to do that when I grow up.’ (And actually, she does write stories now. She was writing on the way to school, this morning. But usually she likes hanging round her big brother. That’s the big difference between us: I grew up as an only child, so I wrote stories instead of playing with someone.)

‘So is there a book of the film?’ Actually, we’ve just seen the film of the book. ‘Oh. Well, the book’s going to be even better, then – because they can’t film the world in your head.’ (Hmm. Does she actually pay attention to what I say, or has she worked this out for herself?) Needless to say, I have agreed to buy the book for her. And its sequel. (Both children know I will never, ever say no to buying them books. I think daughter is going to add nice notebooks to that...)

Today is day two of the new flooring. It’s SO NICE to have something other than bare (partially scavelled) concrete on my floor. And by the end of today my kitchen will almost be back to normal. Yeehah.

Today is also the day of the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year shortlist. Full details are here. Sadly, my mate Milly didn’t make it, but three cheers for her for making the longlist.

The shortlisted books are:
  • Before the Storm, Judith Lennox (one of my summer hol reads last year – excellent)
  • East of the Sun, Julia Gregson
  • Sophia’s Secret, Susannah Kearsley (not read this one, but I did read her book ‘The Shadowy Horses’ some years back and enjoyed it hugely)
  • Star Gazing, Linda Gillard
  • Thanks for the Memories, Celia Ahern
  • The Last Concubine, Lesley Downer

Congrats to all the shortlisters. And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it goes to Judith Lennox, who writes wonderful books and is a thoroughly nice person to boot.


Anonymous said...

Oh- I have Inkheart on my list of movies so thanks for the recommendation.
It sounds like you have at least one more dreamer in the house. That must be a delight.:-)
Brilliant news on the floor.
Only good times ahead.

Nell Dixon said...

We have Inkheart and Inkspell in the house - haven't seen the film yet but I love sharing books with my daughters.

Jan Jones said...

Actually, I hate seeing books-of-the-film because they never match up with the world in my head

Although I wouldn't say no to the dosh if anyone fancied Hollywoodising my people...ac

Kate Hardy said...

Ray - it's a really good film. And yes. One writes, the other makes animations :o)

Kate Hardy said...

Nell - with you all the way. Am occasionally slipping some of the ones I loved into her TBR pile.

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - know what you mean. We saw the film before we read the book. (Otherwise, I'm a nightmare for pointing out things they missed or changed *g*)