Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Current work: (day off)
Listening to: (not, am sleeping)
Reading: (not, am sleeping, but I have a fab TBR pile)

Just about managed to see in the new year with DH last night: I was feeling rubbish and he was on call anyway, so we stayed in. (Not that we've done NY parties for years. Would rather have a dinner party with decent music and good company. Clearly am middle-aged.) Cuddled up on the sofa with the kids and saw a couple of films (can't remember the name of the first one - Rhys Witherspoon was v good in it, though - a woman whose spirit haunted her apartment and then of course she fell in love with the new tenant; second was Meet the Fokkers - am not that keen on humiliation-type humour, but Dustin Hoffman was very good); watched the programme about great movie love scenes, and then switched over to hear Big Ben and see the fabulous fireworks.

This morning, I’ve succumbed to the lurgy. Hot forehead + sore throat + thumping headache + ice-cold hands + sleeping all morning = lurgy. (Not hangover. Didn’t even have a sip of wine last night because of sore throat!) Ah well. I’m happy because it’s not 2008 any more and this year is going to be MUCH nicer.

I was given this wonderful personalised calendar for Christmas, so think here is a nice place to post the pic for January:

I’m also happy because I have two books out this month. For Medicals, out in the UK, US and Australia/New Zealand, there is The Greek Doctor’s New Year Baby – the first in my London Victoria duo, about two cousins. (The second is out in the UK in March and the US in Feb – Katrina’s story, i.e. the deaf doctor, so I will have much to say on that subject on release day.)

For Presents, in the US, there’s Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded – and, if you’re into ebooks, you’re in for a treat because this has an enhanced edition. I got mine yesterday and played with it: the links are fantastic, and they’ve even managed to link to the lyrics of the wedding song. Fabulous.

Righty. I’m going back to bed now. But happy new year!


Shirley Wells said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Kate.

Hope you're soon feeling much, much better.

Michelle Styles said...

Happy New Year and make sure you take care of yourself!!!!

Jan Jones said...

Happy - and healthy! - New Year, Kate.

And for those in any doubt whatsoever, The Greek Doctor's New Year Baby is fabulous! Go grab a copy.

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, Shirley - you, too!

I was feeling better last night, but today I think is going to be another day dozing in front of Tom & Jerry.

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Michelle - you, too! And I am. I'm going back to bed once I've set my virus checker running (computer, not me *g*) and left a post-it note explaining to son that he needs to keep his mitts off...

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Jan :o) Glad you enjoyed the book!

Anne McAllister said...

Happy New Year, Kate! Hope it's a good one.