Friday, December 02, 2011

thank you, cover fairies

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I still don’t know what the UK cover of ‘The Ex Who Hired Her’ looks like, but I’ve see the US one on Amazon and I’m thrilled with it.

The mini-series title is ‘The Ex Files’. As I was a major X-Files fan back in the day (and own the entire box set), that has pleased me too.

My working title for the book was ‘One Night in Venice’. And lovely, lovely Venice is indeed on the cover. With a view of the Grand Canal. (I’ve been poring over my photos of our Venice research trip, trying to spot the view. Hmm. Is that our hotel on the right? Possibly not, because there was a lovely breakfast terrace.) And the hero and heroine are on a balcony, just as I’d written in the book. (OK, so my scene was at night, but…)

Thank you, cover fairies. I love, love, LOVE my cover.

Oh, and the second of my French duo is out in France today. How cool is that? :o)

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Colette McCormick said...

Well done the cover fairies.