Monday, December 05, 2011

screaming deadline

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… so blogging might be a bit erratic this week. Quiet weekend, as it was the first anniversary of Dad’s death on Saturday. Probably not the best of times to finish off the Christmas shopping (i.e. when I’m out of sorts, I’m a bit of a spendthrift), and especially not the best of times for DH to make me go into the Apple shop. Or to let me have a long conversation with the sales staff.

Royalties were not *quite* as bad as I expected; sadly, they’re not good enough for a research trip next year (about which I am not happy, because I really, really, REALLY want to go back to Paris). But, given that my PC is a bit elderly and reacted rather badly to a mini power cut last week (and would’ve given me grey hair, had I not already dyed it red), a new computer is a necessary business expense to keep me working through 2012. I’d rather make the change BEFORE the stress of this one giving up the ghost while I’m in the middle of a book; the last two times I've ended up with a panic.

I just have to decide whether to get another PC built, or whether to go for a Mac. I want something that’s reliable, robust, quiet and intuitive, and that lets me work with the process that suits me. (Apple will migrate all my data across, just as my lovely PC tecchies always have.) More thought required. (Not to mention emailing my writer mates who have made the switch, to find out if they regretted it or not. Most of them are glad they did it...)

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