Thursday, December 29, 2011

new cover

Current work: on holiday (but might sneak in a little something today)

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I had planned to take the kids to the cinema this morning. But, in keeping with my natural hair colour (!!), I must've had a bit of a dizzy moment when I booked my grocery delivery this week. I rang the supermarket yesterday morning to ask very politely if they knew how late my delivery was going to be. They were very patient with me and explained that actually my delivery was for today…

So we're waiting in. There is a website that shows how many car park spaces are left in each car park, so I'll check that after my shopping arrives to see if it's worth going in. (Yes, we could take the bus. But I get really travel-sick on buses. In my version of "The Wheels on the Bus", the mummies don't go "chatter, chatter, chatter". They go "bleugh, bleugh, bleugh".

In the meantime, I'm distracted with the new cover for 'The Ex Who Hired Her'…


Lacey Devlin said...

A website that shows how many car spaces are left! I love that! There's nothing worse than driving in circles for what feels like half your life to find the last available park ;-)

Congratulations on another great cover!

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Lacey. Happy new year!