Monday, December 12, 2011

slight overindulgence...

Current work: medical (very near the end now)
Listening to: Joe Bonamassa (mainly ‘Sloe Gin’)
Reading: next on TBR

Lovely weekend. Christmas lunch out on Friday; then my best friends from uni came up on Saturday for the weekend. That meant Christmas dinner with the trimmings and my strawberry tiramisu in lieu of Christmas pud (dog was NOT happy about the crackers and sulked on our bed); much talking, much laughing, DH in charge of the music (he made us listen to Ritchie Blackmore’s Christmas CD, but received many insults for this), much eating of chocolate (DH was by far the worst culprit – and yes, honey, I’m aware you’re reading this), much game-playing (Quelf is very bizarre but very funny), much reminiscing about student days and when the kids were tiny, playing guitar duet with daughter, and have I mentioned much talking and laughing?

Oh, and the cheese.

Note to self: next time, do not sit next to the Brie and the nice water biscuits with black pepper. (The word ‘slight’ in the title is indeed litotes.)

Today: back to real life, and I have a screaming deadline. I’m gone. Have a nice day!

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Liz Fielding said...

Sounds like bliss, Kate. And I have that problem with Brie, too. :)