Tuesday, December 20, 2011

lovely review

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Julie Bonello at Cataromance has really made my day with her review of A Moment on the Lips:

Dante had initially written off Carenza as a self-obsessed party girl who cared more about shoes than her grandparents, but the more time he spends with her, the more he realizes that Carenza has got hidden depth. A steamy affair quickly ensues, however, Dante makes it perfectly clear that although he is deeply attracted to Carenza, a future together is out of the question.
But will Carenza manage to change his mind?

Kate Hardy couldn’t write a bad book if she tried! A Moment on the Lips is a fabulous tale of past secrets, searing emotions and red-hot passion, imbued with all the charm, warmth and sensitivity that readers have come to expect from this award-winning author.

I adored feisty, loyal and fun-loving Carenza and sexy Dante is sure to make readers’ pulses race!

As delicious as the finest Neapolitan ice cream, A Moment on the Lips is another unmissable treat from the talented Kate Hardy!

You can read the complete review here. Thank you, Julie.


Heidi Rice said...

Like the bit 'Kate Hardy couldn't write a bad book if she tried.' She knows you so well, Ms Hardy!

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, Heidi :)