Thursday, December 22, 2011

another lovely review

Current work: on holiday (out all day yesterday - am enjoying time off!)
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Reading: Annie Claydon, All SheWants for Christmas – absolutely cracking debut. And yes, I know she’s my friend, but this isn’t biased – it’s a really lovely book. Very warm and sweet (more proof of my theory that authors are like their books, because Annie is just like that), with great characterisation, a good conflict, and it was great to read about a strong heroine who doesn’t let her deafness get in the way. (Speaking as a deaf person, the deafness stuff is absolutely spot on.) You’ll have a lump in your throat in places and you’ll be smiling in others for all the right reasons. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Lynne Connolly over at The Good, The Bad and The Unread for her lovely review of A Moment on the Lips.

Kate Hardy is a great writer. Her style is easy to read but deceptively clever, so you don’t notice it until you think, “Hey, that’s good.” She brings her characters to life, and they’re not cut out of cardboard. They have characteristics and traits that make them determinedly individual. I always know I’m in for a great read when I pick up a Kate Hardy book.

A Moment on the Lips is no different… Once the misunderstandings of the first part of the book are swiftly cleared up, and glory be, they actually sit down and talk about it – Dante agrees to mentor Carenza and they set out on the wild journey that will lead to their happy ending... Read this for a charming love story that hits the spots well.

Thank you, Lynne. You’ve made my day. (And if anyone would like to read the full review, it’s here.)


Lacey Devlin said...

Congratulations on a fab review, Kate. Well deserved!

Kate Hardy said...

Thank you, Lacey :)