Thursday, December 01, 2011

December already?

Current work: medical
Listening to: Kate Rusby (not the best idea, because ‘Who Will Sing Me Lullabies’ had me sobbing this morning – this weekend last year was a really, really sad one, and as it’s coming up to the first anniversary of my dad’s death and the twenty-fifth anniversary of my mum’s death, I’m a teensy bit out of sorts right now)
Reading: next on TBR

What is an author’s life really like? Well, this is my current to-do list:

  • Wordcount for today: not yet, but must NOT be slack this afternoon

  • Print out copy of slides as aide-memoir for talk: tick

  • Get coolest prop in the world (aka son’s gas mask) : tick

  • Put on a bit of make-up so won’t embarrass daughter by being in scruffy author mode for today's talk to Year 6 about growing up in the second world war: tick

  • Print out address labels for Christmas cards: tick (no, I’m not showing off - I’ve had this organised since the kids were tiny and it saves SO much time, not having to hand-write every address - is our household normal in that the male of the house never writes any cards and leaves it all to his wife?)

  • Think about wrapping Christmas presents: tick (note it says think about, not do – am trying to work out who I can co-opt into helping with my most hated chore of the festive season, i.e. someone who will help rather than hinder. In other words, not DH)

  • Think about tidying office: tick (note, think about, not actually do – but it has to be done by next Friday)

  • Think about book: tick (see item right above this one)

  • Wake dog because he’s whimpering in his sleep: tick (he’s giving me really reproachful looks)

Righty – that’s me off to school to go strut my funky stuff. And this afternoon I am really going to focus on the book. Even if I have to handwrite the thing and then dictate it on Dragon to get myself kick-started again.

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