Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Current work: on holiday (but might sneak in a little something today)
Listening to: various
Reading: Aimee Carson, How to Win the Dating War (enjoyed)

This time of year always becomes a blur to me. With so many bank holidays and no school, I don't have a clue what any given day is. I think it's Wednesday…

We were planning a walk on the beach on Boxing Day, to see the seals, but there were so many cars parked on the road that it was clearly a bit too crowded. We have plans to reschedule; but next time we're doing it my way and going first thing, not waiting until after lunch!

We've also hit the sales. Daughter has been saving up for a laptop for more than a year now– and there was a seriously good deal in John Lewis yesterday. Her new laptop has a hard disk 3x the size of my current desktop's, as well as a much faster processor and more RAM, and she's very pleased with it. I can't believe how light it is, too. Son got the game he really wanted, and DH is back at work today, so the house is going to be very quiet and I'm going to be superfluous so am going to sneak into my office. Might make a few notes, and then curl up on the sofa with the dog and one of my Christmas books.

Dog is back to his normal self, or he would've been at the vet's today for a check-up. He spent Christmas Day unable to settle anywhere for more than ten seconds, very clingy, and with a hot, dry nose. What worried me even more was that he left a bowl full of turkey. So either he'd eaten something that disagreed with him the day before (he is a typical Springer, totally greedy) or he'd got DH's man-flu. Anyway, he's back to normal now, bright-eyed and waggy-tailed and stockpiling shoes, and I am very, very relieved about it.


Caroline said...

Blur is right! Where did Christmas go? Got a Kindle from DH. I've been to see if I could download your RNA winner "Breakfast at Giovanis" but it's not on the Amazon site. Do you know if it's going to be (already is) a download? I would love to read it. Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Lovely pressie from your DH, Caroline! I don't think Gio is available in Kindle format at the moment (not sure when it will be) - it's available in EPUB format from Harlequin (with the US title, "In Bed with her Italian Boss") but that's no help to you! I will ask my ed when she's back next year :)

Caroline said...

Thanks Kate! Caroline x