Tuesday, July 27, 2010


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Now I finally have copies of my 42nd M&B (yes, really – shocked me too that it’s that many!) in my hot little hands, I thought I’d share the blurb with you. (And – I suppose because authors have to pimp their books – it will be available from the M&B website next week. You can also get it post-free worldwide from The Book Depository.)
Oh, and have I mentioned that I'm really chuffed with the Eiffel Tower on the cover? (It's gone from the US edition. And I'm still trying to persuade Amazon that there is NO WAY they have managed to sell copies of a book that isn't published for another five months, so could they please change the status from 'unavailable' to 'pre-order'...)

Her head says no!
Yes, Xavier Lefèvre was still the most gorgeous guy Allegra had ever met. If it were possible, he’d got even tastier with age! But everything has changed since that long, hot summer affair years ago. This time it’s strictly business – like it or not they both own the vineyard, and she isn’t going to see Xavier her piece of the label!

But her body screams yes!
Now she has two months to prove to him she’ll make a great partner, and to persuade herself she doesn’t need him in her bed. Yet who is she kidding? Even the thought is far too tempting, far too delicious…


Caroline said...

Ohhh sounds a great read. Caroline x

Morton S Gray said...

42 books! Here am I trying to complete my first! Morton x

Sharon said...

Er, what's it CALLED?

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on book number 42 Kate!! It sounds great and that cover is really gorgeous!

Bluestocking Mum said...

Pretty impressive - congratulations on number 42.

Wish I was able to come to the workshop

warm wishes

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - I hope it is!
Morton - good luck with the book!
Shazza - it's "Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex"
Lacey - thanks :o)
Bluestocking Mum - thanks :o)