Thursday, July 01, 2010

eh? Where did June go?

Current work: Venice book
Listening to: Vivaldi
Reading: Mira Sperl, A Wild Fling or a Wedding Ring? (Lovely debut - gorgeous hero! An author to watch, and I’m not just saying that because she’s one of my writer mates)

It’s July already? What happened to June? Seems as if the month has passed in the blink of an eye.

Yesterday was a wipeout as I was so tired, I could barely string words together. So I skived off, had a bit of a nap to get rid of a sleep-deprivation headache, and read my stablemate Mira’s debut (and enjoyed it very much). I did manage to get some sleep last night, so today is back to work (albeit outside, because it feels a bit fresher there. Do I take my office chair with me, or is that overkill?).

Daughter had a fine time at the UEA yesterday and is desperate to do lots of kitchen science now. (Hilarious, as this is just the kind of stuff I put in the book that was accepted this week – and yup, we’ll be doing the science stuff because it’s fun.) She’s off to the Norfolk Show today (our county’s agricultural show) as her class is playing samba music. She has a packed lunch, water, a sunhat, suncream and money for extra drinks/ice cream, so she should be set for a fun day. (And some of it will fit into topic work, i.e. the agricultural side of it, so it’s not just a jolly.)

Righty. Off to make myself some jasmine tea and stick a slice of lime in some iced water – and to my temporary office while I think myself in Venezia.


Michela said...

Dear Kate,
I'm late with your book review, I know. But I was busy with a military competition that luckily it's going on and - if it all goes well - I'll become warrant officer!
Anyway, I enjoyed so much "The Italian GP's bride" (but you already knew it) - Orlando is amazing, as most of Neapolitan men and you've described him perfectly. I love the storyline because they don't fall in love at once but they become friends and later a deeper feeling surrounds them. Ellie is a strong, indipendent woman and she's so brave to face all the troubles along the way. I loved Bartolomeo's character and his love story with Ellie's mother... so romantic and beautifully told. And what to say about the mention of Pompei and sfogliatelle...(the last one our favourite dessert!) Great job, really! I loved it.
Sorry for the long comment... -.-
Ops, just realized that there are spoilers up there... but I suppose that most of your readers have already read it! :)
Happy to know you've started your Venice book, can't wait!
Am I wrong or is this your Neapolitan month?! Hope you'll be back with lots of reviews!
Take care. xx

Kate Hardy said...

Michela, what a lovely review - and how sweet of you when you're so busy! (Good luck with the competition, btw - let us know how you get on.)

I'm so glad you enjoyed the book. And you're right, this is the month when I visit your part of the world. (I'm really looking forward to trying the sfogliatelle - and, after your recommendation, the limoncello!)

Thanks again for the lovely review,
Kate xxx