Friday, July 02, 2010

Publication day

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It’s the first Friday of the month, which means it’s publication day – I have a new book out in the UK. (US and Aussie readers - it's with you next month.)

‘Neurosurgeon… and Mum!’ is set in one of my favourite parts of the world, i.e. the north Norfolk coast. It’s a fictional town that’s a kind of amalgam of Cromer, Brancaster and Wells-next-the-Sea.

There’s a dog (no surprises, there – this one’s a Labrador, but we all know who said dog really is. I borrowed his name from my neighbour’s mum’s Springer – which reminds me, must give her a copy). There’s also a character who isn’t supposed to be there and is almost hidden – my Regency Doctor. I toned him down hugely for the book, but we know he’s going to get his own story one day. Historical medical romance isn’t an option, sadly – unless I start writing for yet another line, and I don’t have enough hours in the day as it is – but one day…

The neurosurgery bit? Something that fascinates me. When I was researching this, I discovered gamma knife surgery. Oh, yessie. Fascinating stuff. Again, my ed made me tone it down (and quite rightly, too – my research showed far too much).

There’s also some baking. Strawberries are definitely involved. (And home made strawberry ice cream.) All things I like to do with my little girl. But my little girl is much more confident than Perdy. (If you’re into analysis: then, yes, I chose Perdita’s name for a very good reason. It sums up her situation, and that of her father.)

It’s a weepie, but there’s some fun stuff in there, too. And if you go back to Monday’s post, you’ll get to see exactly what my characters see when they take the dog to their beach.

I love publication day. And I might just have to nip into town this morning to see my book on the shelves… (Dear ed. I am working. Time for thought, and then fingers on keyboard. Really…)


Caroline said...

Yay on your publication day. It must be so exciting to see your books on the shelf. Have a good weekend. Caroline x

Kate Walker said...

Yay on publication day for both of us. We're shelf sisters today. Great company to be in!

See you next week,

Kate (whose word verificatin is tripe! Is this a comment on what I've written?)

Michela said...

Happy publication day, Kate!

Wondering when the book will be in Italy... hope soon.
I love Medical M&B, they're full of news and require lots of researchs. And I love Perdita's name - a very symbolic one.
Talking about this, have you got a favourite medical TV series? I used to like ER but I followed it until season 5 I think... it was too long...(15 seasons!). My record is The X-Files (9 seasons) - but this is a cult tv series. xx

Shirley Wells said...

Happy Publication Day, Kate!

I loved 'Neurosurgeon... and Mum!' as you know and I still drool over that strawberry ice cream. Perdy was utterly gorgeous. :)

Francine said...


Happy Publication Day, pass the champagne flute, please . . .

Shall enjoy reading this one!

Neurosurgeon, ooh ooh, reckon hubby will likely browse through it too - it was his line of business. ;)

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy Publication Day! Looking forward to this one, who doesn't love a neurosurgeon?

Lacey (whose word verification is whine...)