Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday July 19 – deadline zombie

Current work: Venice book
Listening to: Vivaldi
Reading: Jan Morris, Venice (aka research)

Today I am in deadline zombie mode, after a weekend of intense writing and nowhere near enough sleep (thanks to the muggy nights and fact I live with an owl who sneakily closes the window so our bedroom heats up and I end up wide awake at 3.30am and can’t get back to sleep – I foresee a big hissy fit in the very near future). The Venice book has to be off my desk this week because this is the last week of term and I have, ahem, other commitments next week. Also means I have to cancel nice things this week such as my guitar lesson and an afternoon in the Patisserie with a friend - time is not on my side this week.

Those who were at my talk at the RNA conf – yup, hoist by my own petard :o) I planned this to be a tortoise book, but I keep forgetting that I’m middle-aged now, so travelling and lack of sleep take it out of me a tad more than they did when I was 25. Hence this is now a hare book, and I am back on caffeine (albeit proper coffee rather than instant, and only ONE cup first thing after the school run – I will go back to decaf/tea in the second week of the school holidays). And I’ve bought some ‘magic cooling spray’ to help deal with the muggy nights (please, please, let it work).

Because I’m a in deadline zombie mode, posts are going to be a bit intermittent this week, and they will be completely nonexistent next week. Normal service will be resumed next month, along with piccies of some rather interesting subjects :o) Until then, please bear with me. Because I'm a deadline zombie...


Caroline said...

Hugs on the busy week Kate! You want to come up here to write - it's absolutely tipping it down - gale force winds and inches of rain have been the norm for 2 weeks now! We could do with a bit of your sunshine. Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Sneaky owl! Good luck with that deadline Kate!

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline, Lacey - thanks!

And Caroline, you're welcome to some of our sunshine - our grass would love some of your rain!