Thursday, July 15, 2010


Current work: Venice book
Listening to: Bach (all right, so I'm messing about with my guitar while I think about hacking the current book to bits and restructuring)
Reading: Jan Morris, Venice (aka research)

I am having a week of planning things. My meeting earlier in the week went really well and I have a review meeting booked for September; my internet connect works again (hooray); and today after school we go to pick up our tickets and I can officially start being excited (as well as panicking how I’m going to fit everything in before then). Oh, and Easyjet are going to pay *some* of our expenses. (Funny, I thought we’d agreed that a fortnight ago, but nothing went into my bank account; apparently you have to go through more emails and eventually use the words ‘county court’ before they tell you they’ve authorised it. As for refusing to pay for tickets because, although they have date and time stamped on them, the price isn't printed and the price list from the internet isn't good enough... Snort. Customer care? Even Ryanair would do better!)

I’m also planning something nice for September: am going to the M&B authors’ lunch and then, as it’s on a Friday, staying with my bestest friend for the weekend and we’re going to the Gielgud Theatre to see ‘Yes, Prime Minister’. It will be a huge treat to see a West End play. I used to be a ‘friend’ of our local theatre and went twice a month – but that was pre-kids, when I had the time and funds to do it. (Worked out the same as if I’d gone pubbing and clubbing twice a month instead, which has never appealed to me in any case - would much rather find a quiet wine bar or restaurant and enjoy good company and conversation that I can actually hear!)

More plans for October half term. Madam and I want to stay in a particular hotel because it’s pretty, it’s old, and it’s in a really nice bit of Paris. I showed DH the pics on the net the other night, and I think he knew I was going to let Madam loose on him (all she has to do is bat her eyes and say, ‘Daddy, I love you,’ and he is utter mush… except on the subject of puppies), so he has agreed to it – hopefully we can book it tonight at the travel agent’s when we pick up our tickets.

Son has mentioned that he’d rather like to see London lit up at night (he really liked my pics of Greenwich in the evening), so I reckon maybe February half term for that - and maybe a boat trip in the evening.

I know, I know, Burns is absolutely right about the best-laid of mice and men. (Hmm – note to self, on that topic: would Son enjoy Steinbeck? Or will it make him rant as much as it made me do about man's inhumanity to man?) I hope things don’t ‘gang agley’ for us. But when I know some tough times lie ahead, planning nice things in between is my way of dealing with it. Dad was very confused yesterday and was talking to non-existent people again rather than to me; and I’m also pretty sure he didn’t know who I was for most of the time I was there. He kept asking why I wasn’t at work. I reminded him that I’m his daughter who writes books and sets her own working hours, but he didn’t look as if he believed me. When I left, he asked me if I was going to pick up the children from school, so clearly he remembers that bit. But the rest of it... It’s a very long, very slow and very painful goodbye. Breaks my heart that he can't even enjoy music any more. Poor Dad.

Now I’d better go and write some stuff to pay for said plans…

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susanwilson44 said...

Hi Kate, breaks my heart to hear about your dad. You are absolutely right to plan some good things for the year ahead, your trips sound fabulous x