Friday, July 09, 2010

off to the conference (with new shoes…)

Current work: Venice book
Listening to: probably not on the train, but the iPad is loaded with a lot of music.
Reading: there’s a bookshop at the conference, tra la la la (DH, if you’re reading this, don’t panic – as *if* I would buy lots of books while I’m away)

Righty. I’m really off, now. But I will share a moment of naughtiness with you first.

Y’see, in some respects, I’m not a Proper Romantic Novelist because I just don’t get this thing about shoes. (Pandora bracelets and Radley signature handbags, yes. But shoes? Remember, I am the woman who lives in one pair of flats and has three pairs of going-out shoes.)

But I was buying a new top for the conference gala dinner yesterday when I spied a pair of shoes. And they happened to be in my size. They’re the same colour as my nail varnish. And they were immensely cheap. (As in about a third of the price I usually pay for shoes – I don’t do Jimmy Choos etc, but I buy sensible, well-made leather shoes suitable for a middle-aged mum who does the school run and walks the dog rather less often than she should do.) They are also comfortable. (M&S rocks.)

And if I have girly shoes, it means I don’t have to wear a skirt because the shoes say it all. Right? :o)

So, tonight I am going to be a Proper Romantic Novelist and wear girly shoes. They have the approval of my style guru (where she gets her style gene, I don’t know, because her dad doesn’t have one either, but she’s infallible). And they put a twinkle in DH’s eyes (DH, if you’re squirming, honey, that’s your fault for reading my blog). So I guess they do the job.

Oh, yes. The shoes. Here they be…

Have a nice weekend – I certainly will!


Caroline said...

Lovely shoes Kate. And have a great time! Caroline x

Shirley Wells said...

Fab shoes, Kate. Wow! As you know, I'm not into shoes either but those are gorgeous. Bought my last pair of heels from M&S and I can actually walk in them. :)

Have a great time and buy lots of books (at least DH knows you won't have time to wander off and buy Radley handbags). :)

carolwarham said...

Lovely shoes Kate. Enjoy yourself.

Lacey Devlin said...

Oooo pretty and they match your nail varnish so that says it all! Plus they were cheap, which always gives you that warm feeling when you look at them and know that you got a great deal! Can you tell I often have to justify my shoe purchases?