Wednesday, July 21, 2010

lovely review (and is it Wednesday?)

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Wednesday – at least, I think it’s Wednesday. Two days until the end of term. Two days until deadline (well, it might be finished Friday night).

So far, this week, I’ve written a big chunk of book; phoned my ISP several times because my broadband was off; paid tax bill and other bills due next week; advised bank that there may be transactions in Italy; oh, and did I mention that I’ve written LOTS?

Also had an email from lovely Julie at Cataromance with a fab review of Neurosurgeon… and Mum!

What she says is:

A poignant tale that will pluck at your heartstrings and have you reaching for the tissues Neurosurgeon…and Mum! is another stellar romance from Kate Hardy’s talented pen. Featuring a heroine women can relate to, a realistic, honorable and admirable hero, a wonderfully rendered setting, authentic medical detail, heart-wrenching pathos and stirring romance, Neurosurgeon…and Mum! is spellbinding tearjerker readers will want to read again and again. Written with plenty of sensitivity, understanding and heart, Neurosurgeon…and Mum! is latest winner by this outstanding storyteller!

And you can read the whole review here.

Thank you, Julie, for making my day.

Plans for rest of day: write lots, visit Dad, buy proper coffee and a large bar of chocolate (depending on how the visit goes) and write lots.

Oh, and write lots. :o)

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Jane Writes Romance said...

Oh, well done for fab review!

My kids break up today - silly phrase, but you know what I mean - and then I'll be able to enjoy some well-deserved lie-ins for a few weeks at least. Hoorah!

Just re-subbed a partial with revisions to M&B. Thank goodness it's gone. It's been a weight round my neck since the conference, when Sally asked for the revisions. That's one more job I can tick off my very, very long list.

I love Vivaldi. But am actually listening to 'Ride' from Ciara, which is a very sultry piece of pop music. Gets me in the mood ... ;)