Friday, February 12, 2010

spoiled even more

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Reading: Freya North, Pillow Talk (still enjoying hugely)

Thank you to everyone who emailed, texted, phoned, left messages on various internet posts and sent cards and gifts – all much appreciated. I had a lovely day yesterday, pottering about and talking too much (and yay, the ice melted!). Dentist appointment did not hurt (though the bill is going to be ouch – we’re going for a crown, and my dentist has promised she will use loads of anaesthetic so I won’t feel a thing.

Had an evening of being spoiled, too – we went to the Greek taverna at Riverside in the city. I was going to be good and have just steak and salad, and a glass of rosé prosecco. But then DH decided we should have meze to start with. Fine, as there were some sensible choices. (The grilled halloumi cheese was lovely. As were the souvlakia.) But he ordered rosemary and garlic flatbread as well. Uh-oh. My resistance didn’t crumble – more like, it did an instant vanishing act! Then I had a plain steak, salad and Mediterranean veg, which tasted lovely (and was virtuous – especially as I had been eyeing up the kleftico with rosemary potatoes).

And then there was the dessert menu. I was really too full for dessert. ‘It’s your birthday. We’re having dessert,’ DH said. Followed by a musing, ‘We could have Greek pastries to share.’ Er, honey, you don’t like Greek pastries. But by then the damage was done. I’d spotted the semolina cake. And I had Cyprus rose ice cream with it. The waitress warned me that it was like eating perfumed soap, but I really wanted to give it a try. Verdict? It was more like a sorbet than an ice cream, and a little too highly perfumed for me – but I’m glad I tried it.

And then it was home for further spoiling: curling up on the sofa with DH and an Antonio Banderas film. (My Spy. Lucky, LUCKY Meg Ryan. The plot was fairly thin and the denouement was obvious, but the actors all did a good job and the characterisation made up for it. And Antonio was at his most charming. Happy sigh.)

Plan for today: work, while waiting for dining chairs to be delivered. And try not to mind how much damage the cake and bread did yesterday – we’ll be doing a fair bit of walking next week, in half term, as we have more Essex castles to visit.

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Caroline Storer said...

Glad you had a great day! The Greek Taverna sounds lovely! Making me hungry now so I'm going to cook tea! Caroline x