Friday, February 19, 2010

Publication Day: Good Girl or Gold Digger

Current work: Just finished my revisions
Listening to: not today as everyone’s home and I’m working
Reading: Julia Quinn, It’s In His Kiss (I have Cher carolling in my head now – I remember really enjoying ‘Mermaids’ when it came out. Anyway, this is my first Julia Quinn and now I’m going to have to glom her backlist. Great pace, great dialogue and it made me laugh for the right reasons – I loved the hero’s grandmother)

Today is publication day for Good Girl or Gold Digger and I nearly forgot!

In my defence, I have been head down in revisions (second revisions, which are definitely more painful than first) and it’s half term and I haven’t actually been out of the house since Monday (have I mentioned that I was doing second revisions?).

But I have finished the revisions (please, please let my ed like them and not hit me with third revisions) and now I can sit back and celebrate publication day.

Starting with the cover, which has my favourite flowers on it. (I would've liked purple gerberas because of how Felix makes a declaration to Daisy, but you can't have everything. Otherwise I'd have Antonio Banderas on almost every cover, right?)

I loved writing this book. Even more fun was doing the research, which meant dragging children and husband round various working steam museums so we could go on original rides and steam trains. And it’s set in East Anglia, my favourite place in the world...

Have a nice weekend. And (provided we don’t get the threatened snow) I will be back on Monday with pictures from a research trip.


Lacey Devlin said...

The research sounds like fun! I bet your family wasn't complaining :)

Jan Jones said...

Congratulations, Kate! I'm also keeping my fingers crossed for no more revisions for you!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - it was! The ice creams helped, too. (And I pay the younger members of my research team in cake. DH needs reminding to stop for a coffee break, but the kids have usually sized up what's available and where they want to eat/drink within the first five minutes!)

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - thanks, and I hope very fervently that your finger-crossing works :o)