Thursday, February 18, 2010

some excellent writing advice

Current work: Revisions, take two
Listening to: not today as everyone’s home and I’m working
Reading: Carol Townend, Runaway Lady, Conquering Lord (enjoyed very much – excellent period drama)

I am screamingly busy so I am going to direct you elsewhere today for some fabulous advice. It’s nominally about crime writing, but I think a lot of it would apply to other genres of commercial fiction. I haven’t read any of Stuart MacBride’s novels, but this interview really makes me want to go and read his books, because I like the way he comes across. (And anyone with a cat called Grendel – ha, I like the way his mind works.) There’s a great deal of sensible advice in there, plus some things that made me laugh for the right reasons. Go and take a look.

(And no, I’m not planning to write crime or murder my editor. Am being a well-behaved wordsmith and knuckling down to second revisions. Am not going to confess to how few chocolates remain from the weekend, inhaled by me while playing Spider, aka thinking about how I’m going to tackle the revisions.)


Nicola Cornick said...

Great interview, Kate. Thank you for the link. And a cat called Grendel... Yes, I love it!

Lacey Devlin said...

Thanks for the link :)

Donna Alward said...

I thought this was BRILLIANT! I can especially relate to the setting aspect at the moment.

And you're going to nail the revisions. No sweat. Well, maybe a little, but not too much. ;-)

Susan Rix said...

Thanks for sharing this, Kate. I had a few LOL moments and I loved the 'Write-ist' definition - I think I can sometimes relate to it a little too well...*grin*

Sue xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
I enjoy reading your blog. Do you read a book a day as well as all your writing? I'm impressed!

Kate Hardy said...

Glad you all enjoyed it.

And hi, Sarah - nice to see you here. In answer to your question, I read fairly quickly, so how many books I read in the evening depends on how long they are. An M&B generally takes me about an hour. (And oh, if it only took me that long to write one!)