Wednesday, February 10, 2010

oh what an arrrrrrgh morning!

Current work: doing talk in library
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: Freya North, Pillow Talk (has been on my TBR for a shamefully long time – excellent and enjoying it hugely, though it’s spooking me a little. It won the RNA Romantic Novel of the Year in 2008 and is about a heroine who sleepwalks and a hero who plays guitar. The winner of the RNA Romance Prize 2008 is about a hero who plays guitar and who sleepwalks… How spooky! Must email Freya when I’ve finished because I think it will amuse her, too)

To be sung to the tune of the chorus of ‘Oh what a beautiful morning’ (you might have to mess with the scansion, but...)

Oh what a horrible morning
Roads were icy all the way
A ten minute drive took an hour
And I missed my shop’s deliver-ay.

Didn’t think my car would make it
Up the hill by-y my house
Coward said Norfolk was fla-at
Well, I say that man, he knew nowt.

Am doing a talk at the libr’y
It’s a crash course in romance
Am scared that the title will be
Too apt because the roads are pants!

We have friends coming over for dinner
And my fridge to my shame is empty
(That is because it’s a Wednesday
When my shopping comes from Sainsbury).

And the number they left doesn’t exist
According to dear old BT
Took ages to find the right number
To arrange the redelivery.

Shopping will arrive after dinner
And no way am I going to drive -
Not after the last time I damaged
My car sliding on the sheet ice.

So I’m getting a taxi to take me
To do my talk a-at lunch-time
Dinner will be from Marks & Spencer’s
And everything will be just fine…

You wouldn’t believe a centimetre of snow would cause such a nightmare, would you? Did the melt-and-freeze thing, half the main roads around Norwich were shut so the rest of them were gridlocked, and I was too wussy to risk my usual road home (back road) so went the ‘safe’ way (which, incidentally, was very slippery this morning on the way out). What should’ve taken me ten minutes took almost an HOUR. Getting up the hill near my house… Well, I really didn’t think I was going to make it. And no WAY am I driving on that road again until the white stuff is gone. (Probably just as well my blood pressure check was Monday – the reading just now was a teensy bit high, and I’ve had half an hour to calm down!)

I’d hoped that the Sainsbury van would also be stuck in the traffic, but no – and I was clearly the first delivery – so they missed me, and the printed form they left me with the number to ring to rearrange the delivery: ‘This number has not been recognised.’ Uhh??? Switch on PC to get number from internet. PC going like treacle – oh, wait, DH has left his iPod plugged in. Anyway, the very nice man at the call centre has rearranged the delivery, but it’s after our friends will be here. Solution: booked a taxi to take me to the talk, will go to M&S after the talk to get dinner, and DH has agreed to do the school run because I am just NOT driving.

Am v glad it was today rather than yesterday – going to see Dad would’ve been a real nightmare on these roads (especially as the main road to his was shut this morning). As it was, yesterday was bittersweet. My stepmum had brought my bday pressies over so Dad could give them to me and share my day too – which was lovely, but at the same time a bit heartbreaking because in a suddenly lucid moment yesterday he told me he thinks this will be the last birthday we share. And I think he’s probably right.

Oh, nuts. I’m going to have a cup of tea, calm down, stick some make-up on and try and get myself in a better frame of mind so I can give the best to the audience at my talk.

Have a nice day. I hope mine will improve!


Anonymous said...

Urgle. Much sympathy, and good luck with your talk!


Anonymous said...

Hugs hun.
I am sure your talk and your dinner will be just fine.
And pants to the ice. :-)

Jane Holland said...

The best laid plans ...

Poor you. Hope it all gets better.


Kate Hardy said...

mpe - thank you, I had a ball at my talk - the attendees were lovely and asked questions.

Kate Hardy said...

Nina - thanks.

Talk was great, dinner will be lovely, and as for the ice - actually, it was knees to the ice, and I am vindicated for not wearing skirts!!

Kate Hardy said...

Jane - yep, that'll larn me for being a planner. (I will get to use some of that in a book, though.)

Day definitely got better, thanks.