Monday, February 01, 2010

Hot Heroes and a Giveaway

Current work: working on PR today – interviews, photo shoot, and sorting out my presentation slides for my talk next week (and then back to revisions)
Listening to: Bach
Reading: next on TBR

In a major rush today with PR stuff (will tell about about my ‘Kate Does a Delia’ spot tomorrow – and also kneel and bow to wonderful husband who was just brilliant this weekend and did more than his fair share of the housework, not to mention cleaning my oven – and I wrote 18k words this weekend, just in case you think I was slacking).

Am blogging over at Nicola Marsh’s today – she’s doing her usual Valentine spectacular and I just so happen to be the first guest blogger. There a chance to win a book, and a chance to look at a gorgeous hero (yeah, we all know who I’ve chosen, don’t we?). So do go over and leave a comment to be in with the chance to win - and keep going back between now and Valentine's Day as she has some fabulous guests!


Nell Dixon said...

I wish I could write 18k each weekend! I managed 2k yesterday and that was really pushing it.

Heidi said...

Kate is officially a dynamo... I typed a grand total of zero words on my ms over the weekend!!

Donna Alward said...

18 k in a WEEKEND?

I think my current record stands at 13,800 and that was crazy.

I do NOT know how you do it all! :-)

Caroline Storer said...

18k in a weekend. Wow. Awesome. Hope you had a good day - sound fun. Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Nell - I can't do that every weekend ;o) (I normally try to do 2-3k a day to hit my deadline. This was just an extreme reaction to the revisions, and they almost wrote themselves. But I'm shattered now and I still have a way to go!)

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Heidi - "Dynamo" sounds better than "Scary" :)

And never mind, you'll make up for it in the week.

Kate Hardy said...

Donna - um, actually, it was nearer 19k. I just didn't want to scare people ;)

And yes, it was crazy!!

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - thank you.

And I had a FANSTASTIC day, thanks. Will be blogging about it, tomorrow!