Tuesday, February 09, 2010

smiling despite the snow

Current work: Medical and nonfic
Listening to: Def Leppard
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Firstly, happy 75th birthday to my dad. Almost a month ago, I didn’t think he was going to make it to today, so this is a big bonus. I’ll be going over to see him later today with a birthday cake.

And the other reason why I’m smiling is that the Valentine foodie piece is in the paper today – a really nice double-page spread, and Rowan’s done me proud with the words. (Bill’s pics are great, too – I especially love the one of my new book propped against my roses. Fabby.) Sorry, can't find a link online.

Lots of big fat fluffy flakes yesterday – relieved that it didn’t settle. More wintry showers today. And I really hope it doesn’t settle – driving on single-track roads in the ice and snow isn’t pleasant. Plus I have a lot on this week – my library talk tomorrow, birthday dinner out on Thursday and best friend coming to stay for the weekend plus family party on Sunday.

Plan for today: practice the Tarrega so I’m not totally hopeless at this morning’s lesson, last runthrough of my slides for my talk (ha, lunch at my desk again), and visit Dad.


Shirley Wells said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. Hope you have a lovely time with him today.

We have a bit of snow too. And they've threatened more. Nothing to do with me - honest.

Diane said...

Happy Birthday to your dad - have a great day with him.

Our snow hasn't materialised yet, so it's not on its way back yet. Apparently it'll be here tomorrow afternoon ...

Nicola Marsh said...

That's great about your dad, Kate. Many happy returns to him!

And congrats on your wonderful newspaper spread :)

Lacey Devlin said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!

Congratulations on your newspaper spread too :) It sounds like you're going to have a great weekend!

Jan Jones said...

Happy Birthday to your dad, Kate. Hope he's in a good frame of mind for you. If not, don't take it to heart, just remember the good birthdays you have shared together.

Also hope you stay snow-free. we keep getting these crazy blizzards out of a clear sky!