Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New beginnings

Current work: Medical (‘Emergency Knight’ – still tinkering with outline)
Listening to: Queen
Reading: Julia Williams, Last Christmas (still enjoying)

I love the beginning of a book, where there are so many possibilities. Even though I’m a plotter and I know exactly where the book is going, I still love that crisp new feeling.

Though I might have to write some of this out of sequence, as the proposal scene is going to take place in snow and ours is thawing. (For those who are cracking up at the idea of Kate “I hate snow” Hardy writing a romance set in snow, let me remind you that this is fantasy snow. Actually, I don’t mind it when the roads and pavements are clear, as they almost are now. And because the heroine is not me, she isn’t going to fall flat on her face all the time, as I do…)

Lovely day yesterday, catching up with my medical author mate Amy Andrews. Oh, and talking of my writing mates – Natalie Anderson has some good news and a giveaway, so do go over to her blog and say congrats!

Righty. I am going to brave the snow that is still hanging round my guitar teacher’s house. New term so he can’t tell me off for not practising, right??


Jane Holland said...

Ah, the sunny uplands of the first few chapters of a new manuscript. I'm there with you, just at the 15,000 word mark. Race you to the finish? (My head start is okay: it's a Historical, so longer than a Medical anyway.)

It's almost impossible to avoid writing snow - or wanting to write snow - when it's snowing so much. I've just had the hero pull the heroine out of a waist-high snow drift. And there's a cross tabby cat trying to avoid getting cold paws. Such fun!

Good luck with the new book!

Kate Hardy said...

Jane = a race, hmm? Mine's due on Feb 15, so you're on ;o)

Love the idea of the cross tabby. Good luck with yours!