Wednesday, January 20, 2010

44 and fairy dust

Current work: Medical
Listening to: Crowded House
Reading: Abby Green, The French Tycoon’s Pregnant Mistress (enjoyed this)

Pleased to say that Dad is brighter and eating/drinking more, so he’s definitely on the mend.
Good guitar lesson yesterday – actually got some praise out of Jim. (Possibly because I’d practised?) The Tarrega is quite tricky. There’s an evil bit on line three which has a glissando and then a pull-off, and can I get the hang of it? (Two-finger gliss and then lift off second finger. I can see how it works. But I can't do it.) I guess it’s like everything else: work at it until I get there.

Am doing some fairy dust stuff today – waiting in for a special delivery. Will explain more tomorrow but it’s something my RLH has been drooling over for months. As we’ve been together for 25 years, this year, I always intended to get it for him. But because life has been a bit sticky this month, and he’s been particularly wonderful and supportive, it’s arriving today. And I am so looking forward to seeing his face. From the shape of the box, he’ll guess immediately what it is, but it’s still going to be nice.

As for the 44 – I’ve just realised that the current book is my 44th M&B. Hmm. First one was out November 2002. Seven and a bit years ago. Hmm. Maybe Kate Walker was right and I am indeed Kate Scary… BTW, go over to Kate’s blog for a chance to win a book. And I’m with her on That Line from That Film. Utterly wrong!


Olivia Ryan said...

44 books since 2002???? DId I read that right? Am I losing the plot? HOW have you achieved that? It makes me feel weak with awe!

As it happens, my first novel was accepted in 2002 (pub'd in 2003) and I'm now writing book No.10 - No.9. still out there under consideration (pauses to send it loving hopes & prayers). But 44???
OK - you are Superwoman! x

Anonymous said...

Many congratulation- 44 HMB books is remarkable achievement and you should be proud - and of course you have your non fic as well.
Inspiration to the rest of us at the coal face. :-)
Happy fairy dust day.
love Nina

Kate Hardy said...

Mmm, you did read that right. (And that's only M&Bs, not including my history books.)

#44 is the current one being written but the one on the shelf next month is #39. (#44 is scheduled for Christmas this year, so that will make it 8 years and a month - uh, that's still a bit scary.)

I'm hyperactive (our paediatrician says I am, anyway!). Does it show? ;)

Kate Hardy said...

Nina - thank you.

I'm fidgeting because I want DH to hurry up and come home!! (He did say he'd try and nip home for lunch. The box is not such a giveaway shape as I expected, but the logos are a dead giveaway and I've had to cover them up. Dog had better do the usual going bananas when his car pulls up so I can see his face BEFORE he opens the box.)

Kate Hardy said...

PS Olivia, meant to say good luck with #9!

Jane Holland said...

I echo Olivia ---- 44 BOOKS SINCE 2002?!!?

Okay, from now on I absolutely refuse to feel so embarrassed when I work fast. Dammit, why shouldn't I write 12,000 words in two days? Who says it isn't natural? (Erm, my husband, for one.)

Though I think it's probably nicer not to post my daily word count on the JanNoWriMo thread at eHarlequin, as I keep killing the thread stone dead!!

I didn't write anything yesterday though. So there.

Good to know there are other speed-freaks out there, Kate, doing high weekly word counts. Now I just need to get some of mine published ... ;)

Jane Holland said...

Uh oh. Did I kill the thread again?

Good to hear your dad's feeling better, btw. You must be very relieved. :)

And many thanks for your advice, btw. I shall pursue those lines of enquiry, though I'm not really a phone person. In fact, I suffer from a mild phone phobia!

So embarrassing ...

Caroline Storer said...

So glad your dad is better! And MASSIVE congratulations on the 44th book and your wedding anniversary. Truly awesome. Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Jane - I think the way that works for you is the right one. I hate all this "you must write it this way" business - we're all different. If I take it slowly, I get distracted and the book suffers. It's like the "plotter or pantster" argument. I'm a plotter (albeit flexible with it); I've tried the other way and it just makes me freeze (whereas pantsters say that plotting makes them bored with the story).

Good luck on the publication treadmill!

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - thank you. (The wedding anniversary is only 18 - in the summer - I'm counting this one from our first date *g*.)