Thursday, January 21, 2010

fairies rule :)

Current work: Medical (must kick self up backside and work hard today)
Listening to: Queen
Reading: next on TBR

Well, the fairy dust definitely worked. Cue one delighted husband.

And what was the fuss about? A Fender Stratocaster – the Ritchie Blackmore Signature edition. (Note to self: buy him headphones for his amp.)

Today, I have to really motivate myself to work. Partly it’s because I’m waiting to hear my ed’s verdict on the perfume book, and I can never really concentrate until I’ve got either a yes or revisions – but I have a tight deadline on the Med so I can’t afford to procrastinate. And partly I think there’s a problem with the current scene that's holding me up, so I’m going to skip that and do the next scene, and then when it's flowing again I’ll realise what needs to be in the hole.

Coffee first, though. Or maybe Wii Fit. Or pay tax bill. Or...

(Can someone smack me with a wet fish and tell me to get on with it, please?)


India said...

Only if you slap me first. And harder. And do a bit of shouting and finger-waving too, with a really cross face on.

I've just seen that you've tagged me, and am deeply grateful for the chance of some justifiable manuscript-avoidance later!

(Your neighbours are going to have some serious issues with the fairies, but I bet there's one very happy Mr Hardy out there today. And you won't have to make yourself a cup of tea for a long, long time... xx)

Caroline Storer said...

Do you know what? I'm sure I heard your DH's scream up here in Wales when he opened his box! What an awesome gift - I bet he was delighted! Caroline x

Lacey Devlin said...

Amazing present! But I'd definitely get those headphones :) Unless you like a challenge?

Anonymous said...

Oh My... now THAT is a kewl guitar.
He must be thrilled.
Perhaps the procratination beater is the thought that your word craft is providing you with the means to go out and indulge on gifts like this which bring such delight.
Oh you just might need choc and no wet fish. Happy writing. :-)

Kate Hardy said...

India - I think I needed you to do that for me :)

I will look forward to your tagged post.

And yup, he is happy. Despite being full of cold (which normally makes him grumpy).

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - he was :)

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - er, yeah, challenge. I might be going shopping on Saturday *g*

Kate Hardy said...

Nina - I needed chocolate. (Though it didn't work. Am having to stop myself nipping to the co-op to pick up some G&Bs. Dear head: think of Venice and stay on track.)

Fiona Harper said...