Wednesday, September 30, 2009

an award, a catch-up and a happy birthday

Current work: Modern Heat
Listening to: Def Leppard (still X - I think it's my fave of their albums. Very underrated. 'Scar' seems to be becoming this book's theme song)
Reading: next on TBR

Was delighted to discover that the Daily Reviewer has included me in their top 100 romance blogs. And here’s the lovely graphic – click on the link and it’ll take you to the Daily Reviewer. Many thanks for including me.

What else has been going on this week? Monday, took the car to the garage to get the rear wiper fixed. Turned out it was just the blade, so the cost wasn’t as bad as I thought. And there was a big upstide: while I was waiting, I browsed through the Vauxhall magazine and it netted me some extremely interesting info for the gelati book – OK, so that’s not going to be written until this time next year, but gather ye info while ye may).

Work’s flowing nicely (she says, touching wood to avoid jinxing it). Dad was very frail yesterday. Saying no more out of respect for his privacy, but I was a bit down last night.

Plan for today: work! Sainsbury’s shop has been delivered, so I’m staying off the net for the rest of the morning and focusing on the book. I think this one might be darker and a little more intense than I planned, but there you go. Emotion, emotion, emotion. Sometimes it helps to bleed on the page.

Righty - on to something more cheerful. It's the Pink Heart Society's third birthday today. Do hop over to the blog and make a comment, because there are books up for grabs - including Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress.


Caroline Storer said...

Hi Kate. Congrats on your award. Your blog (along with Michelle Styles and Kate Walker's) were the first blogs I happened to come across when I (eventually) got a computer and the internet. If I had to pick 5 blogs to take to a desert island then your's would be one of them. (Anyone who listens to Def Leppard, Led Zepplin, loves castles, history and romance - can't be half bad!) Take care. Caroline x

Olivia Ryan said...

Well done with the award, Kate. Well deserved! x

Lacey Devlin said...

Congrats on your blog award Kate!

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - thank you SO much for the compliment! (And right back atcha - if you're at the RNA conf next year, we need a quiet corner and a bottle of wine to talk about music, castles and gorgeous men, yes?)

Kate Hardy said...

Olivia - thank you!

Kate Hardy said...

Lacey - thank you! It was completely unexpected, so appreciated even more :)