Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Current work: revisions
Listening to: Def Leppard in the car and Vivaldi cello concerti at work
Reading: (well, I would, but someone has moved my TBR pile to the spare room - and there’s gloss paint everywhere so Clumsy Kate has to wait until it’s dry before venturing in, growl)

Guitar yesterday – well, I was pretty rusty. Need to do ten minutes a day, really. Dad was quite chirpy and it was a nice visit. And I think I know what I’m doing now with the book.

It was a really hot evening, so DH decreed that we had to have a barbecue for dinner. The evenings seem to be drawing in much more quickly, now the children are back. And the sunset last night was quite spectacular.

Plan for today: revisions. And today’s lunchtime treat is Nigel Slater’s column about berries in this month’s Sainsbury’s magazine. (Hmm. Maybe I should save that for tomorrow as a carrot for working hard…)


Angel Bluestocking said...

We've only had three barbeques this year with the weather.

Lovely sunset.

warm wishes

Jan Jones said...

GLORIOUS sunset!

Hope you can get to your TBR pile soon!

Kate Hardy said...

Angel - sorry your weather's been so rubbish. We've just been lucky here in the east. (And PS, I share your music tastes!)

Kate Hardy said...

Jan, it was just lovely to watch.

As for my TBR pile - husband is discovering that when I can't read last thing at night, I'm seriously irritating. Am escalating it so I get my books back!