Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Yes! Yes! Finally!

Current work: finished revisions (deserves screamer)
Listening to: more from lovely Joe Elliott (soundtrack to next book is Satie and Def Leppard…)Reading: next on TBR (ooh, I can read tonight…)

Some books are more of a struggle than others. And although these were sort of minor revisions (only 8k new stuff – and yep, I’m sad enough to know how much I’ve cut out and how much I’ve added between drafts) they were subtle and that made them tricky.

It doesn’t help when you have another book in your head that really wants to be written, and whose characters are talking loudly and getting in the way of what you’re supposed to be doing, i.e. revisions. (Hopefully this means that this one will be a joy to write.)

Anyway. ‘Tis done, and I can relax into my French duo – meanwhile crossing my fingers that I did the job properly and won’t have to do second revs.

DH bought me flowers last night. Think he noticed that I was a tad stressed (I wanted these revisions done last week). For homework, daughter had to do a sheet about herself, and one of the questions she had to answer was ‘If you could do absolutely anything, you would…’ She’d written that she’d like to be able to bring people back from the dead, so she could meet people in her family tree that she hadn’t had the chance to meet. Yeah. She had someone particular in mind. My mum. I did the, ‘That’s lovely, darling, and she would’ve loved you,’ bit, and then I just fled, muttering, ‘Gotta work.’ (I think that’s the real reason for the flowers. And I’m still feeling all tearful today.)

I’m going to have some lunch now, play my guitar for a bit (to clear my head), and then set to work with Xavier and… I was thinking Sally, but she’s the child of two (very driven) classical musicians and that’s the wrong name. Allegra, perhaps? (Hmm. Too Byronesque.)

Righty. Carrot and coriander soup, here I come. And if you want soemthing more happier-sounding from me (am in post-book miserable stage, which is completely normal and completely temporary - will be chirpy again as soon as I get back to my notes), go over to the Pink Heart Society where I'm talking about travel...


Jan Jones said...

(((hugs))) on the tearful bit.

Yay on the revisions

How about Allie-short-for-Allegra?

Shirley Wells said...

(((Hugs))) from here too.

So glad you've done those revisions. Hateful things, especially when you want to be writing something else.

I like Jan's suggestion. Allie is a lovely name.

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - hugs.

Mmm: I do like Allie. (Note to self - check character names spreadsheet - yes, I am that sad, because that's #41 and I'm trying quite hard not to repeat myself.)

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - thanks. And aren't they just?

Allie is definitely growing on me, too. Especially as it's so close to Sally (the original).

Thanks again, Jan!

Caroline Storer said...

(((HUGS))) on the post book tears (and memories). Three cheers for DH for buying you flowers. That was a nice gesture. Mine did that last week after "the week from hell" at work. Take care. Caroline x ps. names? Carrie, Alexis, Romney,

Kate Hardy said...

Thanks, Caroline. Hope your week is better, this week.