Monday, September 14, 2009

publication day (ish), insecure dogs and new paint

Current work: last push on revisions
Listening to: Def Leppard (some of my CDs arrived this weekend…)
Reading: Julie Cohen, Girl From Mars – really enjoyed this. Great pace, good story, excellent characterisation; and Julie’s definitely a skilful writer, because in real life she’s glamorous and trendy and cool – yet she actually gets down on paper what it’s like to be one of the untrendy, unsporty types. Very nicely done and I recommend it highly.

The radio session on Friday was great fun. I did indeed talk about the dangerous biscuits story. Oh, and I discovered this on sale in WH Smith just before the show.

It’s not supposed to be out until Friday, so I was delighted to see it. Especially as I’m still waiting for my author copies (distribution glitch, sigh), so I bought the two they had left. (I think it’s a good sign they only had two left… that, or I’m going to be completely paranoid!)

Spent the evening with DH watching a romcom. Dog refused to settle, pattering upstairs to check that the kids were really home, and then down again to check that DH and I hadn’t disappeared. The new term has made him really insecure… and as a consequence the ‘you are NOT allowed on the sofa, dog’ rule has been bent a little bit. Cue one spaniel sprawled across both of us.

Saturday: DH painted our bedroom while I worked. My job was making coffee and bacon sandwiches (with crusty French bread). New paint is quite a bit darker than the old (cue whimpers from me – clearly hitting my 40s has suddenly made me resistant to change instead of being happy to widen my boundaries) but it does look nice. And then we had what I think will have to be the last barbecue of summer – got cold very quickly.

Sunday: DH glossed while I worked on revisions.

Plan for today: finish revisions, book taxi to train station for Thursday… and then, yeehah, I can work on the French duo. (Which is actually what I did on Friday, bad puppy that I am, but the opening scene was in my head really strongly so I had to note it down. Besides, I needed a break from revisions…)


ninaharrington said...

Hurrah for having a hero who can paint emulsion and gloss while you work! Bacon sandwiches were on my menu yesterday after working in the garden - have to agreee,it is certainly more autumnal now.
Is this new book the Northern Lights one?
Hope you have the revisions complete today. Best. Nina

Lacey Devlin said...

Ha the spaniel won out! Clever baby!

Shirley Wells said...

Ha! I have visions of Byron mulling everything over and thinking 'Sofa. Sofa. I wonder if I act all insecure ...' :o)

Caroline Storer said...

Lovvvveee the cover! I'll look forward to buying it and reading - no make that devouring - it! Take care. Caroline x

Kate Hardy said...

Nina - yes, he's a hero :o)

And, yup, it's the Northern Lights one.

And the revisions eventually ended up... today. Thanks for the hug.

Kate Hardy said...

Nina - he's too clever for his own good. Tell him off and he rolls onto his back and does the 'I'm a poor innocent spaniel and I would never steal your shoe and leave it in a puddle' act...

Kate Hardy said...

Shirley - I think you've hit the name on the head. He is a bad, manipulative hound. (You know when Puss in Boots does the eye thing in Shrek? That's him.)

Kate Hardy said...

Caroline - thanks, so do I! Hope you enjoy it. (Oh, and have tissues handy - it's one of my weepies. And a fan for the scene where she draws him naked.) (Yeah. I'm a bad girl.)