Tuesday, September 08, 2009

settling in again

Current work: revisions – in between guitar and visiting Dad
Listening to: Corelli
Reading: next on TBR pile…

It’s definitely heading for autumn; several of the trees are already turning, and there’s that scent in the air I always associate with the new school year. I was a bit twitchy all day yesterday (over-anxious clucky mother), but when I met the kids from school and they were both bubbling I was able to relax again. It’s good to know that they’re settling in, and they were both delighted to catch up with their friends. Daughter enjoyed showing off her spectacular bruise (from playing football on Sunday evening and falling flat on her face - banged herself really hard, bless her, and I had to use antiseptic on scraped knees and elbows).

Today is my first guitar lesson for – oh, about two months. I have not been a good girl on the practising front. So today’s plan is to mosey in, greet Jim with a big hug, and brazen it out. (I think he probably knows, because he probably asked DH at his last lesson…) This afternoon, am visiting Dad. Hopefully he’ll be out the other side of his blip; if not, at least the children won’t be with me.

And in between are revisions. I know I’m upping the emotional ante, but… I dunno. This is the usual ‘doubt’ stage. It’ll come together - but I do wish my time wasn’t quite so squeezed, this week.


ninaharrington said...

Hope you have a lovely day..

Jan Jones said...

Welcome back to the coal face, Kate.

Kate Hardy said...

Nina - thanks, I did, but not quite as productive as I would've liked.

Kate Hardy said...

Jan - thanks. Are you sure it's coal and not something more slippery that refuses to be collected?