Friday, September 04, 2009

last day of the school hols

Current work: uhhh
Listening to: probably Planet Rock
Reading: Louise Allen, The Piratical Miss Ravenhurst (or I will be, when my sleep quotient is topped up – right now head hits pillow and out like a light)

Yesterday was a bit of a pants day. Daughter had her first filling (was really brave – then wept all afternoon). Then I noticed that my back windscreen wiper wasn’t working properly, lifted it up to check if there was a problem with the blade… and it disintegrated. (Manufacturer fault, I hope – have a feeling this might be expensive).

Then, when I went to bed, I noticed that my TBR bookcase had disappeared. Cue hyperventilating. ‘Well, it has to move because we’re painting this room and the carpet had to come up. You knew this.’ Yes, but you’ve taken my books away. I need to know where they are. And if you’ve mixed them up.’ (He’s soothed my ruffled feathers, but I’m not going to look in case he’s flannelling me.)

I did get some sleep last night, though. No nightmares, no irritating husband waking with a sneezing fit and making sure I wake, too. (Am sure this is a bloke thing.)

Today: I had planned to take the kids bowling and have an indoor picnic before finishing my accounts. (Note to self – don’t EVER do the shoebox method again. Do it as and when so it doesn’t become a huge chore.) However, DH has taken the day off and decreed that we’re going to be painting – after I’ve taken my car to the dealer’s to sort out the back windscreen. And my revisions? Cue hollow laugh. Still, I’m negotiating work time so I can avoid doing the gloss paint...


Nicolette said...

Hmm, paint fumes and writing don't really go all that well together do they? My kids went back to school today. Seems a bit odd, going back for today, only to have the weekend off.

Lacey Devlin said...

You would think they'd know better by now not to touch the books, wouldn't you? :)