Friday, August 15, 2008

Nice reviews and octopi

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Yesterday was a day of media stuff. Starting with the BBC – my mate and fellow Mod Heat author Heidi Rice was interviewed this week re writing for M&B. See it here. And at 1:40ish you may recognise a book cover… (Actually, that reminds me – did I ever post a link to my own feature on the BBC? If not, it’s here.)

And the lovely Norwich Evening News published a really nice piece yesterday about my latest book on Norfolk - fittingly, my 13th nonfic book is about ghosts... (And I didn't realise that! Thank you, Derek James and Rowan Mantell. Oh, and you can read the online edition of it here.)

And I discovered a stellar review of How To Research Local History from The Bookbag – thank you very much to the reviewer (especially as it helped take the sting from someone else’s comments about a different book, yesterday - I'm probably too thin-skinned right now as real life is a tad testing). I quote:

For any historian, and not just in the field of purely local studies, this volume is probably as near to indispensable as they come… as far as this book is concerned, one would have to trawl many many websites to gather all this information. In its field, I think it would be extremely hard to surpass.

That’s exactly what I intended the book to be – an easy read, full of useful information – so I’m absolutely delighted that the reader reacted this way. The full review is here.

I’ve also been truly blessed with my friends and their kind, supportive emails, not to mention flowers and parcels of books and chocolate. You know who you are - thank you. It's been really appreciated.

As for the octopi… How many legs does an octopus have? If you think it’s eight, check out this news story. Fascinating stuff. Yup, I’m procrastinating. It helps me deal with the disaster zone formerly known as my nice quiet life. Which I would rather like to have back.

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Jan Jones said...

What a fabulous review, Kate. You should be v proud!