Saturday, August 02, 2008


Back safely from Derbyshire, though our journey home was awful – a diversion, followed by a huge traffic jam, followed by extremely heavy rain (meaning driving visibility was poor). However. Had a good break and will blog about it with pics next week.

This also distracts from the family crisis - which is even messier than it was before we went away (yup, we had phone calls). And I returned home to two new and pretty big worries. Can’t blog about any of this, but let’s say Smiley Kate is, um, really having to force that smile and I should really learn not to talk too soon. DH is off this week but it’s unlikely we’ll be doing what we planned (i.e. my research trips to see the seals and the Broads – they’ll have to be shoehorned in later). As DH and I both have to deal with crises, it means we’ll have to take turns - our children are the youngest on both sides of the family, so we can’t just drop everything and rush off. If only I could clone myself. Or had a magic wand. Either would be a huge help. Shame they’re fiction.

On that note I’ll focus on the good things that have happened. Before I went on hols, my lovely ed emailed me to say that she loved the revisions for Surrender to the Playboy Sheikh and it’s out in March 2009. And my equally lovely agent rang me to say that How To Books love the outline for the follow-up to my previous two titles, and when can I deliver? And… I was knocked out of the Jarrolds Top Five Local Bestsellers – by myself. In at #2 and #3 last week (and both titles still there this week too). BBC Radio Norfolk and the Evening News both want to talk me about the new book; so work is ticking over OK.


Natalie Anderson said...

Kate - massive (((hugs))) on all the family stress at the moment. I hope things settle a bit for you soon.
Sending choccie and thinking of you

Nell said...

Huge big hugs to you. Hope things sort themselves out soon.

Jan Jones said...

(((hugs))) - and well done on the good bits of your news.