Thursday, August 07, 2008

Derbyshire, part 4

Wednesday started with a stunning sunrise. The weather forecast was grim, so we had a lazy day and a trip to the cinema to see Wall-E. (Son needed an animation fix.) Read Lindsey Davies' Saturnalia - enjoyed it, though Falco seems to be becoming much more cynical.

Thursday was a day of dodging showers, starting with another ‘red sky in the morning, shepherds’ warning’ sunrises.

First we went to Dovedale for a walk.

The water in the river was incredibly clear, and you could even see the ducks' feet as they paddled along. Crossed over the Stepping Stones

(this is the setting for the end of my book The Firefighter's Fiance). Saw some sheep right on the edge of the rocks above (this pic is zoomed in).

DH and the kids instantly dubbed them Rocky and Captain Snort (don't ask). Then to Bakewell for some of the famous pudding; and then to lovely Haddon Hall . which was used as the setting for the BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre (the one with Toby Stephens as Rochester) and also in the film The Other Boleyn Girl.

My favourite room was the long gallery, with its odd windows - the glass is set at different angles to make the most of the light.

I was also impressed with the wall paintings in the chapel, especially the St Christopher, and the Tudor kitchens. The gardens were beautiful - and I particularly liked this blue flower. (Can anyone tell me what it is?)

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Margaret McDonagh said...

I can't see it properly in the picture, Pam, but the flower might be Salvia Patens. It is stunningly beautiful and an amazing shade of blue. An old favourite we used to grow a lot in our old garden.

Mags xx