Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lovely review -and still in the Waldies

Current work: nonfic; MH duo book 2
Listening to: various piano stuff
Reading: India Grey, Mistress: Hired for the Buisnessman’s Pleasure (lovely read – and I’m not biased just because I suggested the Chopin *g* - Orlando is wonderfully drawn, as is Rachel)

Had a lovely review from Cataromance for The Spanish Doctor’s Love-Child:

“a wonderfully poignant tale rich in feeling, emotion and romance by a wonderful romantic novelist who never fails to captivate, enthral and move her audience. Featuring a gorgeous hero, a lovely heroine and lots of tender romance, pathos, drama and passion, The Spanish Doctor’s Love Child is a spellbinding tale about moving forward, new beginnings and the redeeming power of love by an extraordinary writer whose books I just cannot get enough of!”

Thank you, Julie Bonello, for making my day.

And a special thank you to those readers who've kept One Night, One Baby on the Waldenbooks' Top Ten list for the third week running.

These sort of things really are helping me get through a personal rough patch. (Did I mention DH ended up being called out to work on Sunday night at stupid o'clock? Bang went my sleep. Couldn't sleep last night, either. Probably because I'm worrying too much.)

Dad wasn’t too bad yesterday, so am keeping fingers crossed that he continues to do well and that particular crisis will resolve. Really pleased that we got some smiles and laughs out of him yesterday.

It's pouring with rain today – but we have to stay in anyway for the insurance loss assessor. Keeping my fingers crossed that that goes without a hiccup. Might take the kids bowling afterwards.

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Diane said...

Sounds like you've been having a bad time of it too. Sorry I've not been around. I've not even been online some days. Let's hope this week continues without any more disasters.