Wednesday, August 13, 2008


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I forgot to mention our trip out on Friday (needed to escape for a bit). Went to Orford Castle, which was built by Henry II as one of his defences to keep the Bigods in check. There's also a fascinating story about a merman.

And there's a very strange opening just outside the constable's chamber.

According to the audio guide, this is a rare urinal. (Sorry. I know it's not exactly a salubrious topic. But I was fascinated. It didn't even occur to me: I'd thought garderobes and possibly chamber pots.)

We also visited Framlingham Castle, which is pretty (but practically empty - inside there's a newer building which was formerly a workhouse and a school). Mary Queen of Scots was pronounced queen from here.

You can walk right round the castle walls, at the top - fabulous view. But it's only when you walk round the outside of the castle as well that you notice something about the walk... (That rickety-looking bridge isn't rickety. The real thing is much less scarier than from this viewpoint.)

The loss assessors came yesterday and were really, really nice and helpful. Am shocked by how bad the damage is, though. Three rooms' worth of flooring to be redone... all from one little leak. Not sure how much damage on the cabinets. I did squeak when it turned out our garage wall is damp - because on the other side of that wall are 2,000 books, some of which are antiquarian (think colour, mid 19th-century, i.e. expensive). But my office floor readings are OK so hopefully all is well.

They're coming back next week to do more readings; in the meantime, we have a dehumidifier and fans in. And weeks of disruption to the kitchen!

So now for nice stuff. You can still go into the draw to win a copy of The Spanish Doctor's Love Child at Love is the Best Medicine - where I'm talking about the lure of the Mediterranean.

And I'm also blogging today at The Writing Playground, where a copy of One Night, One Baby is up for grabs. Come and say hello - I'm talking about heroes!

(Yeah, yeah. We all know who that means...)


carolwarham said...

So sorry to read about all the damage made by the leak. You must be devastated at the thought of all that work and the extension still being so new. Hopefully all the books are ok.
Thanks for all the lovely pics and sightseeing around Derbyshire

Jan Jones said...

Yup, that bridge DOES look scary. Wouldn't have got me up there to check it out for real.

((Hugs)) on other stuff