Friday, August 08, 2008

Derbyshire, part 5

On the Friday (i.e. a week ago today) it was DH’s and my 16th wedding anniversary. We both had a yen to go to the seaside, but as we were smack in the middle of England (about as far as you can get from the sea), it wasn’t possible. The sky was full of louring cloud

and according to country lore when the cows lie down it’s going to rain. (These were the bulls who, um, lurked around the driveway to the cottage.)

So we went to Derby and had a wander round the museum (the bronze age log boat was fascinating) and the shops. Then back to the cottage for a lazy afternoon and another lovely sunset.

Read Judith Lennox's Before the Storm, which was her usual excellent standard - good story and brilliant twists.

Saturday: home. This will give you some idea of our journey…

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