Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Serendipity and weekend (part 3)

Current work: Med duo 2 revisions
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Reading: no time at the mo :o(

Excellent day yesterday. At the radio studio on Monday, I was a tad early as traffic was better than I’d expected. So I flicked through the local theatre programme and discovered that Beauty and the Beast is touring – and it’s here on the week of Madam’s birthday. Booking opened a fortnight back, so I was expecting that all the best seats had already gone. But clearly fate is smiling on me at the mo as I managed to get front row upstairs (i.e. perfect for a musical/spectacle – I’d always go for first or second row downstairs for plays). Even better, the seats are for the actual day of her birthday. Told her the good news and she’s so excited – as is son. I’ve never been to a musical so I’m really looking forward to it.

Son enjoyed his birthday yesterday. Everyone gave him money this year so I foresee two requests: a) the Digiblue camera and b) nagging re a newer computer (hmm – maybe if he pays towards it he might look after it properly). Went to Old Orleans for dinner (his choice, bless).

Part 3 of the weekend: on Sunday, I nabbed the return home as a research day, as we were travelling through the far north-west of the county and were within a couple of miles of a few places I wanted to visit/research for the Little Book of Norfolk (out next spring). And then DH realised how near we were to Oxburgh Hall, so we had a meander round there, too. I was messing about with reflections, so here are my lot on the bridge over the moat (which does have swans but they were round the other side - and yes, this pic is indeed as we say in Norfolk, 'on the huh'... I should've fixed it in Photoshop but am lazy).

And here’s the hall itself reflected in the moat (from the far side of the bridge in the previous pic).

And this is East Lexham church, with the oldest remaining church tower in Norfolk. (For fellow church architecture aficionados, there are actually three different sorts of windows in the tower – I rather like this one, with the Maltese cross.) The sheep in the churchyard gave me a real Thomas Hardy moment.


Melissa Marsh said...

What an awesome birthday present - Beauty and the Beast! Have fun. :-)

Anonymous said...

First, Happy Belated Birthday to your son!

Second, he is a smart lad after all.

Now I'm going to go get my Man U jersey and try to find money to replace all of my lost books (long story; lets just say that we need no more rain and roofers stink.)

Kate Hardy said...

Melissa - we certainly will. Madam is counting the days until November...

Lou - thanks - hope your house dries out and you manage to salvage some of your books. And you do have a footie win to celebrate from last night - hope that helps make you feel a bit brighter.

Jan Jones said...

All sounds terrif. I love Oxbro' btw. You've got the reflections beautifully.