Monday, May 19, 2008

Lincoln (part 1) + radio show

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Friday - dog sulked all day, sitting on my bed next to the suitcase with his nose between his paws, but we just couldn't take him with us. DH took him to kennels; then picked up the kids and travelled to Lincoln. We found the cottage with no problems and dropped off our luggage; as always in Lincoln we got lost on the one-way system, but eventually found the car park and walked down Steep Hill. The cottage was lovely - small, cosy, with everything we needed. It's probably the best equipped of any cottage we’ve ever stayed in.

This is the front: the cottage is on the far right.

Back garden:

And the view from the front (this house could well be a future setting for me).

Saturday, had to be up early to feed the parking meter; there was a lovely little farmer's market setting up between the cathedral and the castle, full of herbs and organic veg and bread and cheese (not so keen on the idea of eating baby ostrich, though).
Had a quick browse in the second-hand bookshops (where I was remarkably restrained), met my dear friend Kate Walker for coffee (in this lovely little tea shop)
and then went into town with DH and the kids. Checked out the Drill Hall where we would be speaking that night (that face is just amazing)
and made an emergency purchase at the bookstall - Kate Dopey had forgotten to bring a book in case we did a reading ... Second emergency purchase of nail polish at M&S (very impressed with it - highly glossy); then, as it was too grey and damp for a river trip, went to the cinema to see Nim's Island.

Thoroughly enjoyed it - unlike Alex Roper the writer in the film, I don't have OCD or agoraphobia, but I (and many writers of fiction who might see the film) identified with the way she talked to her hero, Alex Roper the adventurer. (The kids asked me afterwards - do I do that? Yup, when I'm on my own...) I thought the ending was a tad rushed, but that could be pickiness on my part - it ended as a romance would just be starting. The acting was good, though.

Then it was time to get ready for the evening talk and walk up Steep Hill for the third time that day...... and I'll tell you about that tomorrow. (Tease? Moi?)
And the radio show? That's tonight, 6-7pm on BBC Radio Norfolk - 95.1 / 95.6 / 104.4FM and DAB digital radio. I'm with Nicky Price, doing 'What's Rocking Norfolk', and I'll have both my fiction and nonfiction hats on. You can listen in online (click on the link and then choose the i-player).

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Nicolette said...

Hmm, trying to work out if you're standing next to that delightful little chocolate shop for that last pic....

Steep Hill is aptly named, isn't it? Walk up it and you certainly don't need to go to the gym!