Monday, May 26, 2008


Current work: Med duo 2 revisions
Listening to: various chilling out
Reading: Louise Allen, The Outrageous Lady Felsham (excellent read)

Busy weekend – either working or partying (!). We had planned a barbecue party for son and DH’s joint birthday – it poured with rain and it was really windy, too, so we simply moved everything indoors. The original plan was to relax in the garden with a glass of wine; it turned into everyone messing about on Wii Fit and laughing so much that my stomach hurts today. (Note to my diet buddies – I was incredibly good. Jersey Royal potatoes, grilled chicken and salad. And only one ice cream. And a very small piece of birthday cake with the icing removed.) Son showed off some of the models he’d made (he’s done a really good one of Byron, which sits on my desk) but sadly he’d left his animation CDs at school so we weren’t able to do a showing of the films he’s made.

Today – I need to finish the book and the people who, ahem, decided to be obstructive on Saturday and make lots of loud noises so I didn't get much work done will discover that because they put me behind schedule I’m working today and they’re eating leftovers!

Tomorrow – won’t be blogging as we’re off to London. Have kept plans for son’s birthday treat completely under wraps (and have also discovered there’s an Ardman exhibition with the opportunity to buy signed books etc, so we’ll go there as well) and cannot wait to see his face when he discovers where we're taking him. Tomorrow is going to be excellent even if it does pour all day (which is also what it’s meant to do today – well, of course, it’s a bank holiday). Back on Weds with lots of pics.

But in the meantime - Mars. The Phoenix probe landed safely yesterday – all pics are their site here. Really, really interesting stuff (have been into space stuff since I was old enough to point at the moon – apparently I used to refuse to go to bed as a toddler until I’d waved at the moon. Imagine the fun my parents had on cloudy nights…).

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