Tuesday, May 06, 2008

swans and bluebells

Current work: MH duo book 1 /proofs of Med duo 1
Listening to: Sheryl Crow
Reading: Karen Maitland, Company of Liars (absolutely excellent – the period details are spot on, the characters are compelling (there are two I’d like to strangle) and the pacing is fabulous: a secret is discovered here and there, which keeps you wanting to know more and see if you’ve guessed the next secret)

I’m afraid I spent yesterday loafing, too. We went to Blickling Hall. And the title of this post will give you an idea what we saw…

These are the bluebells under the plane tree.

The swans on the lake (this is the lake that inspired Sold to the Highest Bidder) – one of the swans was a real show-off and kept flexing his wings. They were all fairly young as they still had some brownish feathers.

And here they’re more serene. (Actually, I think they were going to annoy the ducks, because shortly after this there was a lot of quacking. Someone threw some bread to them and they were most disdainful: the expression on their faces was along the lines of, 'What do you think we are, ducks?')

Oh yes - and when we went into the shop, guess whose book was on display? Now I know I've arrived, if the National Trust is selling my books... (And yes, of course I was overexcited about it. It was the first thing we saw!)
Plan for today: school run, guitar, proofs, school run, Madam’s swimming lesson, a bit on the new book.


Ray-Anne said...

Thanks for sharing your day - Fabulous.
Most of mine was spent walking under the new-leaved beech trees, or in the garden - where I discovered that we have a newt in the pond. Our new, plastic, pond, which was only filled with rain water in February in time for the frogs which love it. No plants. No food.
Now where did that little critter come from?
Nature is one of our joys in life- great to be surprised now and then. :-)

Diane said...

Looks like you did get the best of the sunshine. It's glorious here today, finally.

That book in the NT shop must have given you a real buzz. It would me. Congratulations.

Jan Jones said...

Wow! How good is that! And they'll sell it full-price too so you get more royalty money.

Kate Hardy said...

Ray-Anne - lovely to hear that nature's taking over. (I have tried to access your blog several times over the last couple of days, btw, but my PC just freezes and refuses to load your page! Not ignoring you: just computer playing up.)

Diane - we did indeed and it's been gorgeous today, too. And, yep, I was so thrilled about the NT shop stocking Disasters.

Jan - now my smile's even wider!